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A unique Tex-Mex meal accompanied by Cinnabar wines and the lovely Lisa Marie’s singing and guitar.

This is the story of how I met Chef Michael Clark.  He was hosting special dinners on Thursday nights that included a full flight of wines to taste.  The menu said that Chili Rellenos was his favorite dish, and that’s what he was serving that night.

Now I had a special recipe that I had created all on my own, and I was very proud of it.  It is called Inside Out Chilis Rellenos.  I printed out the recipe and walked over to Michael’s table and gave it to him somewhat timidly.

He read over it and exclaimed that it looked very tasty and asked would I make it for him?

When I said, “Sure,” that’s when he broke the news that I was going to serve as a guest chef when I made the dish, and we would serve it as part of his Thursday Wine Pairing Dinners.


I was flummoxed, and told him I had no idea how to prepare dishes for large audiences the way restaurants do.   Michael just smiled and said, “Bob, you don’t have to do a thing–we’ll make you look good!”

Well, I had a large hook in my cheek and I was hooked!

It turned out to be a lot of fun, but the idea I didn’t have to do any work was poppycock, LOL!

February 19, 2013Dinner.

That’s Kathy and I with Michael in front and Kirk in the pizza oven.

The front gate to Michael’s on Main